Professional Activity, 2003-2006



Publication of "Visions as Illness and Inspiration:  Young Estelle L'Hardy and  Sister Anne-Catherine Emmerich in works of Doctor Antoine Despine and Poet Clemens Brentano"  in the "Journal of Christianity and Foreign Languages," 7, 29-43 (2006).

Forthcoming publication, in 2007:  "Restoring LIterary Wholeness to the Fragmented Account of Antoine Despine's Magnetic Cure of  Estelle L'Hardy's Dissociative Disorder" in the "International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis."

Summer, 2005

 I delivered a paper entitled "Increase Your Use of French in the Classroom:  Why and How" at the 78th Annual Conference of the American Association of Teachers of French to be held in Quebec City, Canada.

Paper Abstract: The presentation explores strategies for increasing the instructor's use of the target language in the classroom.  It differentiates a "teaching mode" of speech from a conversational one and shows the skills necessary for using French daily.  The strategies are applicable to all levels, but have particular relevance for the lower ones where disinterest, boredom and a sense of irrelevance characterize the way students often think about learning languages.

Summer, 2003

I delivered a paper entitled "Modeling and Forming Energized Teachers" at the 76th Annual Conference of the American Association of Teachers of French held in Martinique. 

Paper Abstract:  Moravian College attributes the success of its secondary certification program in foreign languages to a three pronged approach to supervision.  Each student-teacher works directly with an on-site cooperating teacher and with Moravian professors from the Education and Foreign Language Departments.  The presentation will show how this program works, and will include taped interviews with cooperating teachers and students."

Fall, 2002

Presentation of a paper as part of a symposium at the ISSD 19th Fall Conference on The Complexities of Dissociation:  Trauma, Adaptation and Creativity  Nov. 9-12, 2002.

Symposium Title: "Raising Estelle again:  past presentation and current understanding"

Paper Title: "Antoine Despine's Magnetic Cure:  Issues of Readership Yesterday and Today."

This paper is presently being prepared for submission for publication.