Dr. Nilsa Lasso-von Lang

Foreign Languages

Moravian College

1200 Main Street

Bethlehem, PA 18018




Ph.D. Spanish, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 1999

Major area of concentration: 19th and 20th Century Spanish American Literature and Culture

Minors: Pre-Columbian Epoch to Independence and Contemporary Peninsular Literature

Others:  Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition Theory and Literary Theory and Criticism


MA Spanish, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1994

Program Concentration: Hispanic Literature and Culture


BA Spanish, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1992

High Honors


University of Panama, 1985-1988

Area of concentration:  International Affairs


Administrative Experience

Chair, Foreign Language Department, Moravian College, 2008-Present. Responsibilities: Preparing of proposed department course offerings; developing of department budgets and library acquisition requests; managing the department budget; preparing the annual departmental reports; updating/revising of materials for the College catalog; attending regularly scheduled department and chair meetings; reevaluating departmental offerings and instituting the necessary changes through the proper channels; establishing departmental learning outcomes/goals and assessing the success of the department in achieving these goals; initiating the search and arranging interview schedules for candidates for positions in the department; orienting new department members; maintaining professional contacts for a supply of candidates; annually reviewing the performance of department members and making appropriate recommendations; advising student majors/minors and providing assistance with career planning; placement, study abroad, graduate study; and other responsibilities listed on the Faculty Handbook.


Teaching Experience

Associate Professor of Spanish, Moravian College, 2002-Present

SPAN 394:  Linguistic Varieties/Language Contact and Changes in the Hispanic World.

SPAN 386:  Field Study: Business Spanish

SPAN 386:  Field Study: English/Second Language

SPAN 358:  Latin American Popular Culture and Tradition

SPAN 381:  Independent Study Courses: Latin American Literature

SPAN 348: Central American Literature: A Rebirth through Contemporary Voices

SPAN 248:  Latin American Contemporary Culture

SPAN 241:  Introduction to Literature of Spain and Latin America

SPAN 230:  Advanced Grammar and Composition

SPAN 190:  Spanish for Medical Personnel

SPAN 155:  Reading and Culture

SPAN 150:  Conversation and Contemporary Life

SPAN 110:  Introductory Spanish III

SPAN 105:  Introductory Spanish II

SPAN 100:  Introductory Spanish I

WRIT 100:  Introduction to College Writing.  Topic: “Latino/a Literature in the U.S.”


Assistant Professor of Spanish, Southwest Missouri State University, 1999-2002:

SPAN 498:  Contemporary Central American Female Writers

SPAN 457:  Modern Spanish Essay and Poetry

SPAN 410:  Translation and Interpretation 

SPAN 326:  Civilizations of Spanish America

SPAN 315:  Spanish for the Professionals

SPAN 312:  Business Spanish/Translation and Composition

SPAN 297:  Spanish in the U.S.: Communication and Culture

SPAN 210:  Spanish for Native Speakers

LLT 180:  Language and Literature Teaching (General Education Course)

UHC 110:  Freshman Honors Seminar

SPAN 101. 750:  (long distance) – Course Info Student Web Site (Blackboard)

SPAN 102:  Elementary Spanish II 

SPAN 101 - Elementary Spanish I



“Evolución de la lírica en Panamá: Segunda mitad el siglo XX.”  61st Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference. University of Kentucky, Lexington,

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“Service-Learning in Higher Education:  Critical Issues and Directions.” Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA, October 1, 2005.

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"Spanish in Contact with Indigenous Languages in Guatemala." Middle Atlantic Council on Latin American Studies, XXIV Annual Conference, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown, PA, February 21-22, 2003.

Full attendee, The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) 36th Annual Meeting and Exposition, November 21-24, 2002

Guest at the 4th Annual LatinoExpo, New York, October 27, 2002.

"La mujer como única tónica temática en la obra de Peralta y Lars." The 54th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference.  University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, April, 2001

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"Segmentos de Letras y Artes." Las Musas, Panama City, Panama, November, 2010.

“Taller sobre humor gráfico, la caricatura personal y las técnicas del dibujo humorístico en general.” Sponsored by the Instituto Superior de Artes de Cuba and Biblioteca Nacional Ernesto J. Castillero de Panamá, Rep. of Panama, May 21-22, 2010.

"Teaching, Learning and Assessing with Technology." NEALLT, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, April 3-5, 2009.

"Promoción de la literatura infantil." Ernesto Castillero National Library of Panama City, Panama, January, 2009.


The Seventh Annual LVAIC SSAO Professional Development Workshop, Moravian College, November 2008.


The Teagle Foundation Assessment Workshop, Moravian College, October, 2008.


The Sixth Annual LVAIC SSAO Development Workshop.  “Piecing Together the Student Success Puzzle:  A Day with George Kuh."  Muhlenberg College, November 2, 2007.


"Teaching that Promotes Learning." by invited guest Dr. Maryellen Weimer.  Moravian College, October 31, 2007.


“Shifting the Geography of Reason:  Black Studies from a Philosophical Perspective” by Temple University’s Professor Lewis R. Gordon.  Moravian College, October, 2007.


Exploring Our Students Learning - "The Millennial Generation."  Organized by the Committee for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT), Moravian College, March 13, 2007.


Open Meeting/Workshop for Junior Faculty. LinC, Moravian College, September 28, 2005


Assessment within LinC Strategies for a Learning Centered Institution.  Presented by Dr. Mary Allen.  Moravian College, October 20, 2004.


“Muralismo.” Universidad de Las Américas (UDLA), Puebla, México, June 14, 2004.


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“Foreign Languages:  Teaching with Technology.” Faculty Development Programs, Houghton Mefflin in conjunction with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and the International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT), September 26-27, 2003.


"Summer Workshop for Writing Teachers."  LinC, Moravian College, June 3-4, 2003.


"Mindful Teaching in Hostile Times."  LinC Committee, Moravian College, May 23, 2003.


"Bilingual Professionals and Job Opportunities in the USA Government." Department of Foreign Languages, Moravian College, March 20, 2003.


"Legal Update on Topics in Higher Education." Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges, Moravian College, February 28, 2003.


Professional Education Unit (PEU) and Ozarks Partnership Teacher Enhancement Initiative, Southwest Missouri State University, September, 2001.


Research and Publications


Research (in progress):

Central American Popular Culture




"Evolution of Panamanian Poetry:  1950s to Present.” Anthology Studies in Honor of Dr. Lanin A. Gyurko. Ed. Ken Hall and Ruth Muñoz-Hjelm. Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs, 2009.


“Lenguas en contacto en México: Español/zapoteco, español/tzeltal y español/tzotzil.” Variedades lingüísticas en el mundo hispano: El español en contacto con otras lenguas Ed.  Ferrero and Lasso-von Lang. 2nd  ed.  AuthorHouse, 2011.


“Feminism and Catholicism in Latin America: A Personal Experience.” Reconciling Catholicism and Feminism?: Personal Reflections on Tradition and Change. Ed. Sally Barr Ebest and Ron Ebest; foreword by Sandra M. Gilbert. Notre Dame University Press, 2003.


“Lo otro sin amor en Mañana digo basta.” Grafemas: Publicación de la asociación de literatura femenina hispánica, 4.1 (2000).


Books and Anthologies:


Flavors of Panama. PublishAmerica, September, 2012.

Co-editor, Variedades lingüísticas en el mundo hispano: El español en contacto con otras lenguas, Second Edition, AuthorHouse, 2011.


Bertalicia Peralta: Life and Works. F&G Editores/F&G Libros de Guatemala, October, 2007


Selected Additional Publication:


“A Sociopolitical Approach to Peralta’s Narrative.”  Proceedings of the IX Annual Symposium on Latin American Literature. University of Arizona, 1999.


“Interview with Panamanian writer Bertalicia Peralta, June 1, 1998.” GraFemas: Publicación de la asociación de literatura femenina hispánica, 4.2 (1998).


“The Portrait in Sueño de Venecia: The Unifying Element.”  Cuadernos de Aldeeu. 1996.


Poems and Short Stories:


“Edad…muerte.”  Babel: A Poetry Journal, Moravian College, 2007


“My Dear Aslin.” The Colors of Life. Ed. Howard Ely. The International Library of Poetry, 2004.


"Así comienzo..." Poetry Journal, Modern and Classical Languages, SMSU, Spring 2002.


“Bus Route.” The Missouri Philological Association Journal, PMPA. Central Missouri State University, Spring 2001.


“Demencia.”  Forum:  Poetry Journal, Modern and Classical Languages, SMSU, Spring, 2000.


“My General,” “A Gift for You,” “Tiemblo”  Letras Femeninas, 24.1-2 (1998): 234-236


“Divina Aceptación” and “El milagro de vivir” published by Culturadoor, June/July, 1997.


Awards/Grants and Honors


"Friend of the Library," E. J. Castillero National Library of Panama City, Panama, January 2009.

Arts and Lectures Committee Grant for an International Art Exhibition, 2006-2007

Faculty Development Research (FDRC), Summer Stipend, Moravian College, 2005.

Faculty Development Research Grant, Moravian College, 2003

Research/Travel Grant, Southwest Missouri State University, 2001

Teaching Summer Grant, Continuing Education, 2000

Master Advisor Certificate, Academic Affairs, Southwest Missouri State University, 1999


Professional Service


Director/Coordinator, Study Abroad in Panama City, Panama, 2010

Co-Director, Honors Project, Spring 2011, Fall 2011

Chair, Internal Review Committee, 2009-2010

Member, Council for Diversity and Inclusion, 2009-present

Member, Strategic Planning Diversity Sub-Committee, 2008-2009

Chair/Coordinator, International Art Exhibition Committee, 2006-

Faculty Coordinator, Field Study Project, 2006-2007 and 2008-2009

Member, German Search Committee, 2007-2008

Fund Raiser, International Art Exhibition- Arte! Beaux-Arts! Kunst! 2006-2007

Coordinator, ESL SOAR Project, 2006

Reviewer, Perspectivas,7th Edition. Thomson-Heinle Publisher, August 2006

Member, Editorial Board Scientific Journals International – Humanities (SJI), 2005-

Member, Honors Committee (Director and Liaison) 2005-2006

Member, Spanish Search Committee, 2005-2006

Participant, Faculty Discussion with Dr. Tobie van der Vorm- Presidential Search Process, 2005

Member, Arts and Lecture Committee, 2003-2006

Member, Spanish Search Committee, 2004-2005

Director, Study Abroad Program in Puebla, Mexico, 2004

Coordinator, Student Project "Language Contact" in Mexico - SOAR, 2004

Editor, Babel: Poetry Journal for Moravian Students, 2003-Present

Member/reviewer, ACTFL- Foreign Language Annals, 2002-2008

Member, Moravian College Diversity Council, 2002-2006

Member, Faculty Development Research Committee, 2002-2003

Advisor, Moravian College Spanish Club, 2002-2004

Founder, Poetry Journal Committee, 2001-2002

Chair, ARTSRAVE- Celebration of Arts Committee, SMSU, 2001-2002

Member, Alumni and Outreach Committee/Missouri Migrant Education, 2001-2002

Member, Scholastic Action Committee, 2000-2001

Member, College of Arts and Letters Leadership Program, 2000-2001

Member, University Degrees Committee, 2000-2001

Advisor, The Hispanic-American Leadership Organization (H.A.L.O), 2000-2001

Member, Technology Planning/Advisory Committee, 2000-2001

Member, Professional Education Advisory Committee, 2000-2001

Member, Language Fair Committee, 2000-2001

Member, Recruitment Committee, 2000-2001


Professional Affiliations


Middle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies (MACLAS), 2003-

Latin American Indigenous Literature and Art (LAILA), 2004-2005

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), 2002

International Society for Luso-Hispanic Humor, 2000-2002

Missouri Philological Association, 2000-2002

Feministas Unidas Association, 2000-

Modern Language Association (MLA), 1999-

Interests and Activities

Active participant, International Culture, Food and Poetry, Moravian College, 2009-2010

Coordinator, ARTSRAVE Celebrations: Latino Art, Food and Dance, SMSU, 2001-2002

Member, Latino Women Club: Food Preparation and Presentation, Arizona, 1999


Spanish:  Native Speaker

English:  Near-native Proficiency

Portuguese:  Reading and writing proficiency (Bilingual-Portuguese Program Certificate, The University of Northern Iowa)