Hi 213: Ancient Rome

Guidelines for Research Papers


Why Research Papers?

  • In this course you are becoming an historian of Roman antiquity. Part of that process is to master a great deal of information -- "facts" -- about the Romans that you have to know to make some sense of their culture. But facts are not history; they are merely its basis. History is the interpretation of facts through logic and imagination. When you argue a case about Roman culture to others, you are a Roman historian.

    The value of this exercise isn't just academic. It is hard to escape historical questions. You will find your research experience useful if, for example, you become an attorney and need to argue a case about who did what and under which circumstances, or if you enter the business world and have to advocate a particular course of action for your enterprise. In addition, students have commented especially on how their writing skills were improved by preparing research papers.

  • Some things to remember.
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    Some Characteristics of an Outstanding Research Paper:

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