History 311: Colloquium on Historical Research
Spring, 2003

Research Notebook

Professor Dennis G. Glew
Comenius 308

610-861-1301 (office)
610-625-7919 (FAX)


Buy a thick, 81/2 x 11” wire-bound Research Notebook for use in this course.

On the first page, write your name and the title of the course.

To maximize legibility (especially for the instructor), write on one side of each page, only.

Use the Research Notebook to keep track of all your work in connection with this course. It is part work log, part personal journal, part scratch pad. Keep all your notes here.

Date each entry in the Research Notebook. Using your Notebook, a historian should be able to reconstruct your experience in the Colloquium with a fair degree of completeness and precision.

“Writing stimulates the mind” (MP, 41). Get into the habit of writing in the Research Notebook. Reflect on your work – what are the attractions, e.g., of each preliminary topic you are considering?

The Research Notebooks will be collected on 2/11, 3/25 and 5/1. Do not “pad” your notebook at the last minute with multiple entries. I will be looking for evidence of frequent use over time. Remember: This course is about process, not outcomes.