1. Vocabulary. 10 pts. 20 words to translate chosen from Chaps. 16-21.

  2. Nouns and Pronouns. 10 pts. Write the declensions of 4 words.

  3. Verb synopses. 20 pts. Write synopses of 4 verbs. You will begiven the principal parts of each verb and one form of the present active. Complete the synopsis using the person and number of the given form.

  4. Adjective. 10 pts. Write the declension of an adjective.

  5. Pronoun/Adjective. 10 pts. Write the declension of a pronoun/adjective.

  6. Change verbs from the active voice to the passive voice. 20 pts. You will be given 10 verbs in the perfect, pluperfect, or future perfect active. Change them to the passive. (You are also given the principal parts of each verb.)

  7. Unseen Translation. 10 pts. New vocabulary included.

  8. Seen Translation. 10 pts. Taken from a recent chapter of Auricula. Includes vocabulary.