LinC 100E
Fall 2002

Group Presentations: Nickel and Dimed in the Lehigh Valley

The Assignment. What do Barbara Ehrenreich’s experiences in Nickel and Dimed have to do with us? For the last assignment in LinC 100, we will find out. Your responsibility is (a) to join two (or three) other members of the class in researching a topic from the book as it applies to the Lehigh Valley, and (b) to present your findings in class on Dec. 2 or Dec. 9. Everyone should be ready to present on Dec. 2. Order of presentation will be determined by choosing numbers at random.


Choosing Topics.

Topic suggestions.


I have divided the class into six groups alphabetically – there are five groups with three members, one group with four.

1. Arifaj, DeFiore, Mill, Wilkins: "The Homeless in the Lehigh Valley"
2. Artica, Esposito, O’Toole: "How andWhy Wages Are Kept Low in the Lehigh Valley"
3. Bedu-Amissah, Harding, Potteiger: "Living as a Single Parent in the Lehigh Valley"
4. Bennett, Hartung, Runne: "Pros & Cons of Drug Testing in the Workplace"
5. Brase, Lucey, Sacco: "Unemployment in the Lehigh Valley"
6. Campbell, Maurer, Savino: "Day Care in the Lehigh Valley: Costs & Quality"