LinC 100 E

Spring Term, 2001

Instructor: Dennis G. Glew

Comenius 308

Voice: 610/861-1301



Date Activity
1 1/16 Introduction: course syllabus; organization assignments; group presentations; King Day speaker; activities & activities reports.

PEP: One of your major responsibilities this term is to prepare a full, final draft of your "Personal Education Plan." To begin, locate your first draft and review the guidelines for the assignment. In light of your experience last term, what revisions would you make? Schedule an appointment to meet with me next week to discuss your PEP.

Oral reports: Group assignments (see below).

Campus organizations: Below, you will be given the name of an organization and a contact person who is an officer in the organization. Ask the contact person to answer the questions that journalists always pose: "Who, what, when, where, and why?" (Who belongs, what does the group do, when and where does it meet, and why do students join?) Also, ask the contact person to explain why he/she would recommend that other students join.

No later than Monday, Jan. 29, send me by e-mail a brief report (i.e., a few paragraphs) on your campus organization. I will compile the reports and bring them to our next meeting.

Reading & Writing assignments: After you have read the following articles, choose one that particularly interests you and send me an e-mail no later than 1/22 in which you briefly (i.e., one or two paragraphs) identify the most interesting element in it.

"How Discrimination Works and Why It Matters: Four Personal Statements," in Foundations 225-37; "Breaking Silence: Why Don't Gays Keep Quiet," in Foundations 238-42; "I Have A Dream," by Martin Luther King, Jr., in Foundations 243-47.

2 1/23 Required session: 10:30-12:00. Meet in Johnston Hall for Martin Luther King Day presentation by Rev. Dr. Charles G. Adams, "United We Stand; Divided We Fall."

Class agenda: Discuss King Day events. Review drafts of PEP.

Writing Assignment (due 1/30): Prepare a one-page statement of how discrimination in one form or another has affected you and/or your family or someone outside your family whom you know personally.

3 1/30 Organization reports: What is happening on campus?

Dealing with stress: A Visit from Dr. Ron Kline

4 2/6 Greek or Not Greek: The Pros and Cons of the Fraternity/Sorority Experience.
5 2/13 Oral reports 1 & 2: Planning for a career, Study abroad
6 2/20 Oral reports 3 & 4: Internships & Field Study; ISPs & Honors
7 2/27 Fall registration. Activity reports 1-3 due.
8 4/17 PEP due. Activity reports 4-5 due.

Campus Organization Assignments:

Amnesty International Keri Schantz Jessica Esposito
Amrhein Investment Club Check with Bus. Dept. secretary Sarah Fattori
Benigna Rachel Johnson or Tiffany Shue Amy Fisher
C3 Jeremy Hause or Morris Ballaco Michelle Gorman
"Comenian" Contact editor Ian Hoffman
Economics & Business Club Mike Miller Sara Hollenbacher
Environmental Coalition Autumn Zander Robert Judge
Equestrian Club Jessica Bowser or Elizabeth Casmus Krystal Klaver
Grotto Club Aaron McCarty Todd Klokis
Impact Katie Copf Erin Lund
International Club Bindesh Shrestha Ken Macaulay
"Manuscript" Lara Mammana Rachel Martz
MC Dancers Contact Dawn Ketterman Christine Pukszyn
MC Theatre Company Tracy Kozub Brynn Saltzer
Peer Educations Jackie Benko Tracie Shipman
Tri Beta Brooke Dancho Jason Toedter
USG Kim Ghali Rebecca Waine
Zinzendorf Society Contact English Dept. secretary Stephen Weiler
Philosophy Club Elric Kline Faye Zaninelli

Activities and activity reports:

Attend and report on any five of the campus events listed below. Three of your reports are due no later than 2/27. Each report should be approximately 150 words in length. Send them to me as e-mails.

Each report should do the following:

  1. Summarize what you saw/heard.
  2. Describe how you responded to it.
  3. Explain your response.

NB: You are responsible for keeping track of your assignments.

Activity Choices:

One varsity athletic event (of your choice)

Lecture by Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts, 1/19.

Recital of contemporary piano music, Thomas Rosenkranz. 3 pm, Foy. Jan. 21.

Lecture by Rev. Dr. Charles G. Adams, 1/23.

Live Architecture, "Dance as Sculpture as Architecture." 7:30 pm, Foy. Jan. 25

Moravian College Opera Ensemble, Leonard Bernstein's "Trouble in Tahiti." 4 pm, Foy. Jan. 28.

"Futures Week," sponsored by Career Development. HUB. Jan. 29-Feb. 2.

MCTC, Tennessee Williams's "The Glass Menagerie." Feb. 8-11.

Mark Sterner, "Dui: A Powerful Lesson." Sponsored by DTD and Peer Educators. 8 pm, Feb. 13. (For room, check at HUB desk.)

Any event that is part of Moravian College's celebration of Black History Month. HUB, Feb. 15-14.

"Kayaga of Africa" Dance Company. 8 pm, Foy. Feb. 21.

MC Big Band and Fusion Ensemble. 8 pm, Foy. Mar. 24.

MC Dancers and Guest Artist. 8 pm, Foy. Mar. 30-31.

"Promise of the Rainbow." April 3 & 4. Arrive Prosser, 8:30. Sociodrama, 8:50-10:00.

Apollo Trio. 8 pm, Foy. April 4.

MCTC, Tennessee Williams's "Suddenly Last Summer." April 5-8.

French film, "The Dreamlife of Angels." 8 pm, Prosser. April 22.

MC Choral Ensembles and Chamber Symphony. 4 pm, Foy. April 22.

Group Presentations:

You will be assigned to a group of 4-5 students assigned to investigate and report on a topic that freshmen should know about:

  1. Planning for a career (Jessica Esposito, Ian Hoffman, Todd Klokis, Christine Pukszyn & Rebecca Waine)
  2. Study abroad (Sarah Fattori, Sara Hollenbacher, Erin Lund, Brynn Saltzer, & Stephen Weiler)
  3. Learning outside class: The opportunity of Internships & Field Study (Amy Fisher, Robert Judge, Ken Macaulay, Tracie Shipman & Faye Zaninelli)
  4. Independent learning: ISPs & Honors (Michelle Gorman, Krystal Klaver, Rachel Martz & Jason Toedter)

I will schedule a meeting outside class with each group to discuss what goes into a successful presentation and how to go about researching the topic. There will be a single grade assigned to all members of the group based on how thoroughly the topic is investigated and how clearly and effectively it is presented to the class.

Course Grades:

  1. PEP: 20%
  2. 5 Activity reports: 25%
  3. Other writing assignments: 15%
  4. Class participation: 20%
  5. Attendance at scheduled events: 20%

Late assignments will be reduced by a letter grade for each class missed.

Note that by faculty decision, course grades in LinC 100 will be reduced by a full letter for each unexcused absence.

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