Hi 214: Classical Mythology

Final Examination Guidelines

The final examination will have three parts: (1) 12 identification questions which you choose from a list of 15 (25 pts. total). (2) 5 paragraph-long essays (identifying, defining or explaining the term) on topics that you choose from a list of 7 (10 pts. each, 50 pts. total). (3) An essay on the following topic:

Aeschylus’ "Agamemnon" is an excellent example of a work of Greek literature that uses myths to illuminate and comment on issues current at the time the work was composed. Write an essay in which you review the chief myths that figure in the Agamemnon, discuss the themes that the myths raise there, and explain how the myths address issues important to the Athenian audience. Finally, looking back over your study of classical myths this term, comment on the roles that myths generally played in Greek life.

Several translations are on reserve for this course in Reeves. Also, you may read the play on-line at the following site:


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