Hi 214: Classical Mythology

Research Paper Guidelines

For a research strategy that will take you from the beginning of your project to the end using materials available at Moravian, consult the Research Tutorial on Reeves Library's home page:


Pay particular attention to the explanation of how to identify a topic, and be sure to read the discussion of using Library of Congress subject headings to search MOSYS.

To discover all works in Reeves classified by the Library of Congress under "classical mythology," go to the MOSYS menu, option 1, and type in "classical mythology" (without the quotation marks). That will bring up more than a dozen LOC Subject Headings that work for the Reeves collection (including "Mythology, Greek" and "Mythology, Roman"). If you would like to see what is available concerning Ovid, enter "Ovid" (no quotation marks) at Option 1.

Reeves Library subscribes to a number of English-language journals of Classics that occasionally publish articles on mythological subjects. Two of these (American Journal of Philology and Arethusa) are available on-line through Project Muse and can be searched by computer. A complete paper index of articles on classical subjects -- entitled, in brief, Année Philologique -- is published annually under the auspices of UNESCO. A complete collection is available in the Reference Section of Reeves. Check the index to see how it is organized. The system is part topical, part by author.

Some Characteristics of an Outstanding Research Paper:


Since many students may decide to work on a myth (or group of myths) from Ovid's Metamorphoses, let me recommend a way of approaching that topic. Adjust this approach to suit your topic.


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