History 214

Classical Mythology

Guidelines for Class Presentations

The purpose of the presentations is to "jump start" discussion of the stories in the assigned book of Ovid's Metamorphoses.

As a panelist, you have two responsibilities: to make a presentation about one of the myths in the book (taken, please, from the short list I have given you), and to coordinate with the other panelists so that the group's presentations complement one another.

Typically, presentations should each be between 5 and 10 minutes in length. Longer is acceptable as long as there is a purpose for the added time; shorter than 5 minutes probably would not be good.

In your presentation, mention the main points in your myth and then discuss what you consider its most interesting elements. These might be individual characters, the plot, the story's relationship to other tales, or anything else that you noticed and want the class to notice. You do not have to like the story; but do explain your reaction.

A hand-out of discussion questions would help the class to talk about your presentations. Please prepare one question for each myth discussed. These can be duplicated at no expense to you, but to do that they have to arrive more than a few minutes before class. You are welcome to send them to me in an e-mail or attached to an e-mail. In fact, that is probably the most efficient way to take care of this.

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