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This page will help you, the parent, to decide if Suzuki violin instruction is right for you and your child. This page will help you decide by providing answers to some of the frequently asked questions parents have about the method. If after reading the answers below, you still have questions, please call Moravian Academy's Main Office at (610) 868-8751.

Who was Shinichi Suzuki?

Shinichi Suzuki was a Japanese violinist and pedagogue. He pioneered his method for violin, also known as "the mother tongue method," decades ago in Japan.

How is the Suzuki method different from more traditional methods of learning to play the violin?

Suzuki's method differs in that he begins instruction at a very early age (as young as two or three years old). Students learn to play primarily by listening and eventually playing the Suzuki violin repertoire by rote. The parent becomes the child's "home teacher."

Who is eligible to take lessons?

Students at Moravian Academy in prekindergarden through first grade can take beginning violin lessons. Continuing lessons are offered through the third grade.

Will I need to practice with my child?

In the Suzuki method of instruction, parents have a crucial role: as the "home teacher." The parent actually will learn to play the violin at a remedial level and according to the method, must practice with their child.

Will I need to attend lessons?

Parents WILL need to attend all lessons.

Where and when will the lessons be?

Suzuki violin lessons take place on Moravian Academy's Lower School Campus in the DeSchweinnitz (adjoining the school's playground). Lessons are scheduled during school hours at a mutually convenient time for the parent, child, violin teacher, and classroom teacher.

Does the person attending the lesson need to be the same person practicing with the child?

In order to assure smooth and timely progress, the person that will be practicing with the child also needs to be the one attending the lessons.

How often will we need to practice and for how long?

Suzuki said that you only need to practice on the days that you eat. Beginning violin students will need to practice about 20 minutes to one half hour per day.

Where will I get an instrument and materials?

Once you begin attending lessons in the fall, the violin instructor will give you information on what materials you will need to purchase and how to rent/lease/purchase a Suzuki violin.

What is the cost?

Moravian Academy offers free Suzuki violin lessons for the first year. There is a charge for those continuing beyond the first year of instruction. Parents will also need to pay for rental/lease of a violin and supporting books.


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