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References and Related Materials

This page offers a list of books, websites and retail outlets.


Books Related Websites Retail Outlets





These books are recommended reading for Suzuki parents:


Nurtured by Love; The Classic Approach to Talent Education by Shinichi Suzuki:

Suzuki Method International (1983).

Ability Development From Age Zero by Shinichi Suzuki: Suzuki Method International (1969).


Both of these texts are available at



Parent Education Course Workbook III by Jeanne Luedke (self-published).

This and other materials can be purchased at Ms. Luedke’s website:


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Related Websites


The following is a list of websites that offers information about the Suzuki method, Suzuki himself and information for parents of Suzuki parents.


Master Teacher Mimi Zweig’s website features her approach to violin and viola teaching:

Suzuki Association of the Americas:

Talent Education Research Institute:


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Retail Outlets


Listed below are several places where you can buy supplies, strings, and music.


Shar Products: music, strings and supplies. 1-800-248-7427

Burt and Company: ordering music 1-800-548-2878

Concord Musical Supplies: order strings or supplies. 1-201-261-3871



Purchasing or leasing a violin:


David Michie Violin Shop: Purchases only. 1-215-545-5006

Zeswitz Music Store: Lease and rentals. 610-582-2081


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