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Frequently Asked Questions for parents that are considering instruction.

Parent Orientation Outline covers the material presented before lessons begin.

Practicing With Your Child helps the parent to establish a regular practice routine.

Suzuki Practicing Resources provides the parent/home teacher with resources for teaching.

References for Suzuki families: books, links, and other resources.

Glossary of terms for Suzuki instruction

Welcome to Moravian Academy's Suzuki website.

This website is designed to support Moravian Academy parents and their children that take Suzuki violin and cello lessons.

This site provides information on beginning lessons, answers to frequently asked questions for parents contemplating lessons, as well as resources and pertinent information relating to the school's string program.

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Parents considering whether or not to start string lessons should click on "Frequently Asked Questions."

Those that are already taking lessons will find information on how to become better "home teachers."



How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

The answer is simple, but not easy: Practice!!!


Practicing becomes a real stumbling block for many young (and not so young) instrumentalists. Establishing a steady, productive practice routine can be a real challenge, especially for young children.

Shinichi Suzuki pioneered a method of instruction that bears his name. The Suzuki method is known as the "mother tongue" method since it is based on the manner in which children learn to speak their native language. The child learns to play the violin in a natural and developmentally appropriate manner.


This website is designed to help parents to establish an environment that is conducive to learning and actually encourages practicing. Learning in this way can also enhance other aspects of a child's life as well. After successfully learning to play an instrument through the Suzuki method, many parents and children learn to better interact and work together in other areas or disciplines (academic, personal).


Browse this site and learn how to learn!



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