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The Neuman Systems Model Trustees Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Betty Neuman, PhD.   Comprised of nurse researchers, educators, practitioners, and administrators the Trustee Group is dedicated to the ongoing process of supporting and promoting the Neuman Systems Model. Through a commitment to the future of the Model, the Trustees assure its integrity, development and relevance to the continual enhancement of the body of nursing knowledge (Bylaws, 97).   Dr. Sipple was a chartering Trustee in 1988 when Dr. Betty Neuman, Model Theorist, incorporated the group.

The next gathering of the Trustees will occur during the 8th International Neuman Systems Model Symposia, March 2001 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

For further information on the Neuman Systems Model Trustees Group, Inc. you may contact the following:

Betty Neuman, Founder/Director, Box 77, Watertown, Ohio, USA, 45715. (H/Fax) 740-749-3322

Patricia Chadwick, President, 18922 N.W. Nelscott Street, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97229. (H) 503-645-3741 (W) 503-943-7233 (Fax) 503-943-7178. Email:

Pat Aylward, Secretary-Treasurer, 5364 S.W. 89 Street, Ocala, Florida, USA, 34476. (H) 352-237-5223 (W) TBA (Fax) 215-836-5223. Email:

Dr. Janet A. Sipple, Trustee, St. Luke's Hospital Commenorative School of Nursing at Moravian College Reeves Library 209  1200 Main Street  Bethlehem, PA 18018  E-mail:

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