Greenbank Radio Telescope

group_photo.jpg (81905 bytes)
The Radio Telescope Group in front of the dish of the 140-foot telescope.
I am fourth from the left, in the back row.

140 foot telescope.jpg (86821 bytes)
The 140 foot radio telescope.

140 foot telescope.jpg (119329 bytes)
Another view of the 140 foot radio telescope.

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The Greenbank radio telescope facility is built in a remote
West Virginia valley so the local environment is radio-quiet.

100 meter radio telescope2.jpg (140358 bytes)
Construction of the new 100 meter radio telescope.

100 meter radio telescope1.jpg (101821 bytes)
Partially completed 100 meter radio telescope.

100  meter and me.jpg (145071 bytes)
Me by the base of the 100 meter radio telescope.