Statistical Applications Page

In the late 1970's I integrated 32 separate programs into a package which I called "GEOSTAT' and which I made available on the PDP 11/70 computer that was then in use at Moravian College.  The programs came from several sources: a few were imported from Penn State, some were imported from Lehigh University, and the majority accompanied the book, Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology, by John C. Davis.  All the programs were written in FORTRAN.  The 22 programs supplied by the Davis book were written for batch mode processing (the use of cards for specifying data tables and program options).  I wrote FORTRAN routines to convert these programs into the interactive mode and to unify the input/output procedures.  These programs, as modified, provided statistical routines for univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analyses, as well as a very limited capability for data sequence and map analyses.  I used some of these programs in research for my dissertation, for the Statistical Applications Jan Term course, and in support of a student honors project in Geology.  The programs were available to the entire College community.  Because in the 1980's personal computing became more popular and because statistical programs became relatively less expensive, easier to use, and more powerful, I decided to discontinue the maintenance of the GEOSTAT suite of programs in the late 1980's.  Although the GEOSTAT suite of programs are still in existence at Moravian, now on the MOCOSIN network, they have fallen into disuse.  Indeed, in the 1990's I developed a three-week statistical laboratory exercise for the CORE science course, "Revolutions in Science," but had the students use the more familiar SPSS suite of programs to perform the needed univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analyses.

The page below lists the programs available in the GEOSTAT package.  All those containing a program number in parentheses are adapted from the John C. Davis book, Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology.

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