1999 Total Solar Eclipse
(Eclipse photos by J. Gerencher)

Eclipse path in Europe
Path of August 11, 1999 eclipse through Europe.

Eclipse path over Hungary
Eclipse observed at Szombathely (highlighted in yellow), Hungary.

Start of eclipse
Start of eclipse.
Notice internal reflection on lower left.

Farther into eclipse
Farther into eclipse.
Notice internal reflection on lower left.

partially eclipsed
Near totality.

near totality
Even closer to totality.
Photographed through cloud bank (see below).

sky conditions at totality
Sky conditions during totality.
The totally eclipsed sun just above upper edge of the photograph,
and is being obscured by the bank of clouds which appears bright in the picture.

The eclipse photographs were taken through a glass solar filter mounted on a hand-held Canon SLR autofocus camera. The camera lens was a 28 to 200 mm variable lens that was extended by a 1.8X tel-extender, for an effective focal length of 360 mm.  


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