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Space Travel and Exploration


Age of Aquarius sung by the Fifth Dimension

Astral Traveler sung by Yes

Astro Man sung by Jimi Hendrix

Astro Zombies by the Misfits

Astronomy by Blue Oyser Cult

Astronomy Domine sung by Pink Floyd

Bennie and the Jets sung by Elton John

Come Sail Away sung by Styx ("...climbed aboard their starships and headed for the skies...")

Countdown sung by Rush

Cosmic Charlie sung by the Grateful Dead

Eye in the Sky sung by Alan Parsons Project

Fly Me to the Moon performed by Harold Bradley

Galileo sung by Its A Beautiful Day

Hands in the Sky (Big Shot) by   Straylight Run

Heavenly by Harry Connick, Jr.

Hurry Up the Sky by Jen Chapin

I Want to Go to the Sun sung by Peter Frampton

Infinite Wanderer composed by R. Argent

Jed the Humanoid by Grandaddy

Journey Among the Stars by Sun Ra

Killer Klowns from Outlet Space by the Dickies

Launch by Borton/Third Stage

Lunch for the Sky by Socratic

Moonlight Mile sung by the Rolling Stones

Moonshooter sung by Mike Rutherford

Once Around the Sun composed by R. Argent

Open the Sky by Halfwayhome

Ozone Baby sung by Led Zeppelin

Rocket sung by Smashing Pumpkins

Rocket Man sung by Elton John

Rocket Queen by Guns and Roses

Skys Beyond by Karuhesh

Sail on Solar Winds performed by Lancaster and Lumley

Satellite sung by Depeche Mode

Satellite by Robyn Hichcock

Solstice performed by the London Symphony Orchestra

South Side of the Sky sung by Yes

Space Circus by Chick Covea

Space Cowboy performed by the Steve Miller Band

Spacerman by The Dentists

Space Oddity sung by David Bowie

Space Truckin sung by Deep Purple

Spaceboy sung by Smashing Pumpkins

Spacetown by Happyhead

Star Man sung by David Bowie

Stargazer by Mother Love Bone

Starrider sung by Foreigner

Starship sung by Jefferson Starship

Starship Trooper sung by Yes

Streaks in the Sky by Thursday

Theme from   Cosmos by Van Gelis

The Only Time sung by Nine Irich Nails ("lay my hands on heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars")

Ticket to the Moon sung by Electric Light Orchestra

Two Thousand Light Years from Home sung by the Rolling Stones

Under the Sky sung by Heart

Walking on the Moon sung by the Police

Watch the Sky by Something Corporate

Watcher of the Skies sung by Genesis

When I Look to the Sky by Train

Where the Sky begins by Over It

World Machine by Level 42

Ziggy Star Dust sung by David Bowie




A Milion Exploding   Suns by   Horse the Band

Away from the Sun by 3 Doors Down

Behind the Sun by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Between Sun and Moon by Rush

Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden

Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes

Children of the Sun   sung by Billy Thorpe

Cue the Sun by Forgive Durden

Dark of the Sun sung by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Daughters of the Midnight Sun by Cecilia

Dawnlight by Lightingale

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me sung by Elton John

Earth in Search of a Sun sung by Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group

Eclipse sung by Pink Floyd

Fat Old Sun sung by Pink Floyd

Heart of the Sunrise sung by Yes

Here Comes the Sun sung by the Beatles

High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) sung by Tex Ritter

House of the Rising Sun sung by the Animals

I'll Follow the Sun sung by the Beatles

Invisible Sun sung by The Police

Island of the Sun by Stephen Bacchus

King of Pain ("There's a little black spot on the sun today") sung by The Police

Laugh at the Sun by Rusted Root

Looking at the Sun by Mathew Sweet

Lost in the Sun sung by Dan Fogelberg

Lucky Old Sun sung by Johnny Ray

Midnight Sun sung by Asia

Mister Sun and Mister Moon sung by Paul Revere and the Raiders

My Sundown by Jimmy Eat World

New Rays from an Ancient Sun performed by Joe Satriani

NJ Sunsets by None Two Soon

Northern Lights by the Rippingtons

Of   Course We’ve All Seen the Sun by This Day & Age

People of the Sun by Machine

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun sung by Pink Floyd

Shine by Collective Soul

Silent Sun sung by Genesis

Silent Sunlight sung by Cat Stevens

Stare at the Sun by Thrice

Staring at the Sun by the Escape Club

Sun by Mae

Sun in the Stream, The, by Enya

Sun is Burning sung by Simon and Garfunkle

Sundown by Jesus and the Mary Chains

Sunface by Tanita Tikaram

Sun Goes Down, The, by Level 42

Sun King by The Cult

Sun Maid by Soul Asylum

Sun Versus Moon by Sage Francis

Sundance by Nightingale

Sunrise sung by the Grateful Dead

Sunrise sung by Uriah Heep

Sunshine sung by Alice in Chains

Sunshine sung by Donavan

Sunshine on My Shoulder sung by John Denver

Sweet Sunshine by Beck

Tequila Sunrise by the Eagles

The Sun by Street & Nowhere

The Sun is a mass of Incondescent Gas by They Might Be Giants

Three Sunrises sung by U2

Total Eclipse of the Heart sung by Bonnie Tyler

Two Suns in the Sunset sung by Pink Floyd

Under the Sun sung by Black Sabbath

Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie

Waiting for the Sun sung by the Doors

Warmth of the Sun sung by the Beach Boys

Wasted Sunsets sung by Deep Purple




Another Moon by Meat Puppets

Bad Moon Rising sung by Credence Clearwater Revival

Big Bad Moon performed by Joe Satriani

Black Moon Creeping sung by Black Crows

Blue Moon sung by the Marcells

Child of the Moon sung by the Rolling Stones

Dark Side of the Moon sung by Pink Floyd

Fishin' for the Moon performed by Benny Goodman

Fool Moon Boogie by Jeff Beck and the Jan Hammer Group

Full Moon sung by Herbert Groenermeyer

Girl on the Moon sung by Foreigner

Half Moon Bay by William Auva

How High the Moon sung by Nat King Cole

Island of the Moon by Stephen Bacchus

It's Only a Paper Moon sung by Nat King Cole

Love of a Silent Moon by Cecilia

Luna sung by Smashing Pumpkins

Lousiana Moon sung by Alabama

Man on the Moon sung by REM

Me and the Moon by Something Corporate

Moon Crazy sung by the Blue Oyster Cult

Moon Dance by Van Morrison

Moon is Dawn, The by Further Seems Forever

Moon over Miami

Moon River sung by Andy Williams

Moon Rocks sung by the Talking Heads

Moon Shadow sung by Cat Stevens

Moonage Daydream sung by David Bowie

Moonbeams performed by 101 Strings

Moonchild sung by King Krimson

Moondance sung by Van Morrison

Moonlight Drive sung by the Doors

Moonlight Kiss by Bap

Moonlight in Vermont sung by Frank Sinatra

Moonlight on Havasu Creek by Nicholas Gunn

Moonglow performed by Henry James

Moonlight Serenade performed by 101 Strings

Moonshine sung by Mike Rutherford

Moonwater by Himekami

Mountains of the Moon by the Grateful Dead

Mr. Moonlight by the Beatles

On Moonlit Bay

Paper Moon performed by King Cole Trio

Picasso Moon sung by Greatful Dead

Racing with the Moon sung by Vaughn Monroe

Shepherd Moon by Enya

Shine on Harvest Moon sung by the Inkspots

Silver Apples of the Moon sung by The Greatful Dead

Song of the Second Moon by Tom Dissevelt

Standing on the Moon sung by Greatful Dead

Taurus Moon performed by Jerry Mulligan

Tea House Moon by Enya

The Goodnight Moon by Rookie of the Year

The Tide by the Spill Canvas

Walking on the Moon sung by the Police

Wrong Side of the Moon sung by Squeeze

You are the Moon by the Hush Sound


Planets, Asteroids and Comets


Acustic Planet by Craig Chaquico

Coming of Kohoutek by Argent

Earth (Still Our Only Home) sung by Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group

Earth Story by Nicholas Gunn

Earth, Sun, and Moon by Midnight Oil

Fifty Three Miles West of Venus sung by the B-52's

From Heaven to Earth by Nicholas Gunn

Galileo sung by Amy Grant

Hello Earth sung by Kate Bush

I Turned Into a Martian by the Misfits

Jupiter's Child sung by Steppenwolf

Kohoutek sung by Journey

Mercury Rising by From Autumn to Ashes

Mother Earth is a Vicious Crowd sung by Live

Mother Earth’s Routine by Tom Chapin

Phobos and Deimos performed by Lancaster and Lumley

Planet Caravan sung by Black Sabbath

Planet Clair sung by the B-52's

Planet Earth sung by Duran Duran

Olympus Mons performed by Lancaster and Lumley

Perihelion and Aphelion performed by Gary Bartz

Ptolemy's Ptune performed by Zeitlin, Marsh and Harris

Teenagers from Mars by the Misfits

Third Stone from the Sun sung by Jimi Hendrix

Uranus Rock sung by Jimi

Until the End of the World sung by U2

Venus sung by Frankie Avalon

Venus and Mars sung by Paul McCartney and Wings

Volcanoes of Mercury performed by Rus Garcia and his orchestra

Wheel in the Sky sung by Journey

World Keeps Turning by William Auva

Woodpecker from Mars sung by Faith No More


Stars (including Shooting Stars)


A Handful of Stars sung by Johnny Mathis

Blood Clots and Black Holes by Thrice

Boy with a Moon and Star on his Head sung by Cat Stevens

Big Dipper sung by Elton John (album: A Single Man)

Black Holes in Sky sung by Labelle

Capricorn Sisters by Mother Love Bone

Catch a Star sung by Men at Work

Cygnus X-1 sung by Rush

Dark Star sung by the Grateful Dead

Death is a Star sung by the Clash

Falling Star sung by Karla Bonoff

Good Morning Starshine sung by Oliver

Head On by Jesus and Mary Chain ("...makes you want to pull the stars from the sky")

Lost in the Stars performed by Bary Bartz

Luck Star sung by Madonna

My Falling Star Wish by Get Well Soon

My Stars sung by Alice Cooper

North Star by the Rippingtons

One in a Million sung by Guns N Roses ("You're a shooting star.")

Open Door sung by Genesis (" can count the stars at night...")

Orion's Sword by Don Ellis and Survival

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

Shine on Your Crazy Diamond sung by Pink Floyd (" black holes in the sky...)                                            

Shining Star sung by Earth, Wind and Fire                                                                                                                            

Shooting Star sung by Bad Company

Shooting Star sung by Elton John

Son of the Morning Star by Danzig

South Side of the Sky sung by Yes

Southern Cross sung by Crosby, Stills and Nash

Star of Sirius by Steve Hacket

Star Spangled Banner sung by U2

Star Star sung by the Rolling Stones

Stars Cascade, The by Hiching With Girls

Starburst performed by Gene Krupa

Starchild by Level 42

Stardust performed by Henry James

Stargazer sung by Neil Diamond

Starless sung by King Krimson

Starlight performed by the Electric Light Orchestra

Stars Fell on Alabama sung by Frank Sinatra

Stars of Warburton by Midnight Oil

Stella by Starlight

Supernova by Wayne Shorter

The Black Hole by Horse the Band

The Lights in the Sky are Stars by Montreux

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - a folk song

Under the Milky Way by The Church

Ultraviolet sung by U2

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) composed by Don McLean

Waiting for a Star to Fall - Boy Meets Girl

Watching the Sky sung by the Bangles




After the Cosmic Rain by Chick Covea

Black Hole by Beck

Bullet in the Blue Sky sung by U2

Cosmic Thing sung by the B52's

Dark Nebula performed by Bary Bartz

Edge of the Universe sung by the BeeGees

ETI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) sung by the Blue Oyster Cult

Heaven sung by Brian Adams

Hole in the Sky sung by Black Sabbath

Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy by Chick Covea

I Get Wild/Wild Gravity sung by Talking Heads

In the Beginning sung by Genesis

Interstellar Overdrive sung by Pink Floyd

Milky Way performed by Weather Report

Mother Universe by the Soup Dragons

My Blue Heaven sung by Frank Sinatra

Nebula by Incubus

On the Dark Side sung by John Cafferty and the Bever Brown Band

On the Western Skyline by Bruce Hornsby

She Blinded Me with Science sung by Thomas Dolby ("..the spheres are in commotion..")

Space Songs sung by Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans

Spiral Galaxy 28948 sung by Hawkwind

Stairway to Heaven sung by Led Zepplin

Symptom of the Universe sung by Black Sabbath

Universe by Hampton Hawes

Visions Cosmiques performed by Jean Guillou

Voices in the Sky sung by the Moody Blues

Winds of Space by Peter Davidson





(Alphabetically by Composer)


Abington, 4th Earl of:   The Invocation of Neptune

Ahrold, Frank: Star Journey [ref. 1]

Bedford, David: Tentacles of the Dark Nebula [ref. 1]; Star's End [ref. 1]

Beethoven, Ludwig: Sonata #14 in C Sharp Minor (1st movement)   Moonlight

Bentzon, Niels: Feature on Rene Descartes [ref. 2]

Blomdahl, Karl-Birger: Aniara-An Epic of Space Flight in 2038 A.D. [ref. 1]

Blow, John: Venus and Adonis

Boone, Charles: A Cool Glow of Radiation [ref. 1]

Brant, Henry: Fourth Millenium [ref. 1]

Brott, Alexander: Spheres in Orbit [ref. 1]

Cage, John: Atlas Eclipticalis [ref. 1]

Copland, Aaron: North Star

Crumb, George: Makrokosmos [ref. 1]; Star Child [ref. 2]

del Tredici, David: Syzygy [ref. 2]

Debussy, Claude: Claire de Lune (Moonlight)

Dessau, Paul: Ernstein [ref. 2]

Dodge, Charles: The Earth's Magnetic Field-Realizations in Computerized Electronic Sound[ref.1]

Eisler, Hans: Incidental Music to Brecht's Galileo Galilli [ref. 1]

Firstova, Elena: Earthly Life

Felciano, Richard: Galactic Rounds [ref. 2]

Glass, Philip: Einstein on the Beach [ref. 1]; North Star [ref. 2]

Golda, Friedrich: The Air from Other Planets [ref. 1]

Haydn, Franz J.: Symphony #43 - Mercury

Haydn, Franz J.: Sunrise

Hindel, George: Aria "Total Eclipse" in Samson [ref. 1]

Hindemith, Paul: The Harmony of the World [ref. 1]

Holmboe, Vagn: Symphony No. 10

Holst, Gustav: The Planets

Howe, Mary: Stars [ref. 1]

Hovhannes, Alan: Saturn [ref. 1]; Symphony No. 19-Vishnu [ref. 2]

Ivanov, Konstantin: Cosmic Symphony

Janacek, Leos: Mr. Broucek's Excursions to the Moon and into the 15th Century [ref. 1]

Kost'al, Arnost: Cosmic Nocturne for Piano and String

Lang, Istvan: Constellations [ref. 2]; Orchestra [ref. 2]

Langaard, Rued: Music of the Spheres [ref. 1]

Lloyd Webber, Andrew: Starlight Express

Mahler, Gustav: Song of the Eath

Matthus, Siegfried: Galileo [ref. 2]

Messiaen, Oliver: Visions of the Amen [ref. 1]; Des Canyons aux Etoiles

Moussorysky, Modest: Sunless

Mozart, Wolfgang: Symphony No. 41 in C Major - Jupiter

Norgard, Per: "Luna" for Orchestra [ref. 1]

Orff, Carl: A Play About the End of Time [ref. 1]

Orff: The Sun Warms Everything from Carmina Buravia

Partch, Harry: Castor and Pollux [ref. 2]; Cloud Chamber Music [ref. 2]

Penderecki, Krzysztof: Kosmogonia [ref. 1]; Fluorescences [ref. 2]

Pepin, Clermont: Symphony No. 3 - Quasars [ref. 1]

Perischetti, Vincent: The Creation [ref. 1]

Raitio, Vaino: The Moonlight on Jupiter [ref. 2]

Reutter, Hermann: Ein Wiegenlied, im Mondschein zu Singen (Lullaby by Moonlight)

Roberts, Myron: Nova [ref. 1]

Ruff, Willie and John Rodgers: Harmony of the World

Scriabin, Alexander: Universe [ref. 1]

Sibelius, Jean: Nightride and Sunrise

Skulte, Adolf: Symphony No.   3 - Cosmic [ref. 1]

Smit, Leo and F. Hoyle: Copernicus - Narrati and Credo [ref. 1]

Stockhausen, Karlheinz: YLEM [ref. 1]; Across the Boundaries [ref. 1]; Sirius [ref. 2]

Stravinsky, Igor: The King of the Stars

Takemitsu, Toru: Asterism for Piano and Orchestra [ref. 1]; Cassiopeia for Percussion and Orchestra [ref. 1]

Varese, Edgard: L'Astronome [ref. 1]

von Beethoven, Ludwig: Moonlight Sonata

Widmer, Ernst: Pulsars [ref. 2]

Xenakis, Iannis: Antikhthon




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Reference 2:    Fraknoi, Andrew, "More Music of the Spheres:

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