Interesting External Astronomical Web Sites

Web addresses (URLs) for external web sites may change without notice, so if any of the addresses listed below are not currently active, you can try finding the new URL by doing a search on the topic.

Web Sites coordinated with the chapters of astronomy texts: 
            Voyages Through The Universe
            Discovering the Universe          

Astronomical Society of the Pacific list of Web Links

Astronomy Web Simulations  

Astronomy Interactive Applets    

Astronomy (and Physics) Lesson Plans  

Astrophysics Data Systems          

Bradford Robotic Telescope Observatory

Free Astronomy Software Which Can Be Downloaded

Galaxy - Astronomy              

Galaxy Page                          

Heavens Above (satellite tracker)

Interactive Astronomy Images:

Latest Hubble Observations  

Michigan Electronic Library  

NASA Observarorium          

NASA Skywatch for the International Space Station            

NASA Space Sciences Index  

Nine Planets                          

SEDS Space Images Archive  

Space Science Educational Resource Directory

Sun-Earth Viewer

Sun, facts about . . . . .

20,000 Mars Photographs