Four-inch Unitron Refracting Telescope

The photograph above was published in the local newspaper, The Bethlehem Globe Times, on Wednesday, December 8, 1976. It shows me (Joseph Gerencher) on the left and Preston Smith on the right. The telescope is set up on its tripod with the mechanical clock drive attached on the near edge of the tripod.

four-inch telescope

The four-inch Unitron Refracting telescope is in the foreground with the 3-inch Unitron in the distance.
The 4-inch Unitron telescope was donated to Moravian College by
Preston Smith, Jr.

It has an equitorial mount, setting circles, and can track the sky motion via either a motor drive or a clock drive.

The view shown above looks east from the telescope platform.

In 2009, the original Preston Smith, Jr., Unitron telescope was returned to his son, also named Preston in trade for the modern Four-inch Stellarvue (102ED) refractor. The photograph above shows Preston (left) and me (right) with the telescope set up on its original tripod and with the original clock drive. Preston restored the components of the telescope, so it was in near-original factory condition.