The Major in Geology

A major in Geology consists of Mathematics 170 and 171, Computer Science 120, Chemistry 113 and 114, Physics 111 and 112, Earth Science 110, and seven additional geology courses (to be taken at Lehigh University), one summer spent at a geology field camp (to be taken at an approved college or university field camp), and two courses in further science or mathematics selected with approval of the major advisor.

The advisor's check sheet for the geology major shows all courses that are required.


The Minor in Earth Science

The minor in earth science consists of five courses:  Earth Science 110, 120,and 130 plus two courses which may be taken through independent study or cross registration.


The Interdepartmental Major in Earth Sciences

Set I requirements include Earth Science 110 at Moravian and five earth science courses at Moravian or Lehigh University selected with approval of the Set I advisor. Students who plan an interdepartmental major should keep in mind that the earth sciences require a well-rounded background in mathematics and the basic sciences.