Geology Video Collection
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(revised 2/5/2008)



Amazing Earth

America's Tsunami: Are We Next?

Ascent of Man (The):  Episode  3:  The Grain in the Stone


Blue Planet (The) (PAL)

China's Mega Dam

Day the Earth Shook (The)

Descent Into the Ice


Do We Really Need the Rockies (Nova Series)

Doomsday Asteroid (The) #2212

Earth Has a History (The)


Eruption of Mt. St. Helens  (The)

Eruptive Phenomena of Kilauea's East Rift Zone


Flying by the Planets:  The Videos

Forbidden Planet

Forces of Nature (The)

From Rock to Sand to Muck:  All the Dirt on Soils

In the Shadow of Vesuvius

Inside Hawaiian Volcanoes

Jewel of the Earth

Killer Quake!

Manson Impact (The)

Montserrat's Andesite Volcano

Mystery of the Megaflood

NASA Footage:  Earthquake Below

NASA Footage:  Flood Below

NASA Footage:  Pollution Below


New Solar System (The)

Oil, Sweat, and Rigs

Our Solar System

Out of this World:  The Apollo Moon Landings

Plate Tectonics Our Restless Planet

Pompeii: The Last Day

Race to Save the Planet #  1:  The Environmental Revolution

Raising the Mammoth

Resurrecting the Mammoth

Return to Mount St. Helens

River of Sand - Exploring Barrier Islands

Skeletons in the Sand


Thunder on the Mountain:  Landslides and Avalanches

Tsunami: The Wave That Shook the World

Villi Knudsen's Iceland

Volcano Surtsey

Warnings from the Ice

When Dinosaurs Ruled - At the Ends of the Earth - Volume 4

When Dinosaurs Ruled - Birth of the Giants - Volume 5

When Dinosaurs Ruled - Ground Zero - Volume 1

When Dinosaurs Ruled - The Land That Time Forgot - Volume 3

When Dinosaurs Ruled - The Real Jurassic Park - Volume 2

When Dinosaurs Ruled China

World Population

Ultimate Guide to Volcanoes
Violent Hawaii
Volcano's Deadly Warning
When Dinosaurs Roamed America
Yucca Mountain: The Making of an Underground Laboratory