Interesting External Geological Websites


Web Links Coordinated with "Journey Through Geology" CD-ROM

Web Links coordinated with chapters in the following Physical Geology textbooks:
        Physical Geology, Updated 8th edition, by Plummer, McGeary, and Carlson
        Understanding Earth, 3rd edition, by Press and Seiver       
        Essentials of Geology by Monroe and Wicander
        Essentials of Geology by Lutgens and Tarbuck
        Geology by Chernicoff
        Earth's Dynamic Systems by Hamblin and Christiansen
         Portrait of a Planet by Marshak

Web Links to Physical Geology Lab Manuals:
    NAGT Lab Manual
    Lab Manual for Physical Geology by Morris Jones

Geology Animations

Educational Multimedia Visualization Center

Physical Geology Course Notes From Around the World

Illustrated Glossary of Geological Terms

    Geologic and Topographic Survey 
    Earthquake Information  
    Ground Water Conditions
    Water Resources          
    Search Engine for Pennsylvania

Lehigh and Northampton Counties
     Digital Library Project:  The Geology of Lehigh and Northampton Counties, PA
                                          by Benjamin L. Miller, 1941 and 1939, respectively.

    Recent aerial photography and map coverage
    Digital History Project maps of early Bethlehem

Seismology Resources for Teachers

On-line Map Resources
    HUD E-maps
    National Atlas On-Line (use "TRY" option)
    Maps and Aerial Photographs
    WWW Maps of the world

Recent World-wide Earthquake Information
    Listing of Recent Earthquakes
    Map of earthquakes during last 2 days    
    National Earthquake Information Center
    University of Colorado
    Seismology Lab (U of Nevada)
    Surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data
    Live Seismogram Sites on the WWW 

Online Sources of Additional Geological Information
    WWW Resources
    Virtual Geology Labs Online
    Prospecting for Geology Resources on the Web
    Directory of WWW Resources for Geology
    Virtual Geosciences Professor

Geography Resources
     Free Maps, Photos, and Data