Air Pollution (Man Made) Page
(all photographs by J. Gerencher)

Through the activities of humans, both particles and gases may be introduced into the atmosphere.  Some of these constituents may react in the air to create secondary products.  Often the reactants and/or the products are visible as smoke, or they absorb water and may be visible as smog or haze.  Often their effects can be seen on the vegetation of the region and some older structures that humans have built.

Air pollution in Johnstown, PA  -  1964
Air Pollution in Johnstown, PA, from production of steel, circa 1964.

air pollution effects on London building
Air Pollution Encrustation on an old cathedral in London, England

Air pollution from coke manufacture.
Air pollution from the making of coke for Bethlehem Steel,
circa 1993.  Production of coke has since ceased at this facility.
Hellertown, near Bethlehem, PA.