Radiation Page
(all photographs by J. Gerencher)

Radiation includes all the energy emitted by a body, including the portion that we can see with our eyes and that which we cannot see.  It includes energy emitted by the Sun, by the Earth, by objects on the Earth's surface, and by the atmosphere.  We are well aware of the radiation we can see, but we are much less aware of the other forms of radiant energy.

Solar radiation collectors, Phoenix, AZ.
Solar radiation collectors at electrical power plant.
Several types of collectors are evident.
Phoenix, Arizona.

Heat loss effects to flowering bushes, Bethlehem, PA.
Forsythia plants bloom in early spring only on their 
lower portions where they were protected from radiation 
heat loss by a previous heavy snow cover.
Bethlehem, PA.

IR radiation from tree melts surrounding snow.
Infrared radiation from tree melts surrounding snow. 
Red pen knife for scale.  Bethlehem, PA.