Ed 228 Computer Software

 The information on this page is valid only prior to the summer of 2009.


The following computer software for teaching elementary science was available for student examination in Education 228. The double asterisk (**) indicates the teacher’s manual was also available.


3-D Body Adventure

Adam: The Inside Story **

Adventures with Oslo

Amazon Trail

Animal Doctor

Discover Science

Explore Yellowstone


Human Body, The

I Love Science

Inside Story, The

Kid Science

Let’s Learn About Temperature and Weather

Magic School Bus: Human Body

Multimedia Bug Book, The

Ozzie’s World: Ozzie’s Day at the Beach

Ozzie’s World: Ozzie’s Garden

Planetary Taxi

Science Arcade

Science Blaster Junior (also called “Science”)

Science Court: Electric Current **

Science Court: Water Cycle **

Science: Learn Center Series (Davidson)

Solar System

Temperature and Weather

Thinkin’ Science: First and Second Grade

Treasure Cove

Universe:   Junior Science

Widget Workshop

Wild Africa

World of Water

Zap: Sound, Light and Electricity