Four-Inch Refracting Telescope

In December 2007, Preston Smith, son of Preston Smith, Jr., traded a 4-inch refracting telescope for the 4-inch Unitron refracting telescope that had been donated to Moravian College by his father in 1976. Click here to see the original Unitron refracting telescope.

The new 4-inch refractor is shown below. It is a Stellarvue 102ED refractor with a102mm doublet objective with Extra low Dispersion (ED) glass in the rear element, and a 710 mm focal length (f-6.95) Objective Lens Assembly, which is adjustable. The deluxe CNC clamshell mounting ring has easy one-touch balancing, and has a 2" collet-type fully rotating dual speed Crayford focuser with collet-type rotator. The Stellarvue F50W2 Finder Scope has a fully multicoated, doublet objective with a fully multicoated, correct image 90 degree erecting prism and a 1.25-inch helical focuser with rubber grip. Both the eyepiece and the reticle may be focused independently. Any 1.25" eyepieces may be used with this finder.

The Stellarvue 102ED refractor telescope is mounted on a Celestron Advances Series GT (GO TO) Mount. There is a 40,000 object database with 400 user-definable objects and expanded information on over 200 objects. DC Servo motors with encoders are present on both axes. Double line, 16-character Liquid Crystal Display Hand Control with backlit LED buttons are used for easy operation of the goto features. The operation is compatible with optional NexRemote telescope control software, as well as for advanced control of the telescope via computer.