Donations to the Moravian College Astronomy Program,
from 1969 through 2009.

The following persons have donated materials in support of the Astronomy program:

Mrs. Deborah McCullough donated an 11-inch Celestron SCT telescope, in 2007

Dr. Robert Nemiroff donated a copy of the videotape he made about neutron stars, in 1993.

Mr. Gary Becker donated slides he took of solar eclipses on several occasions.

Dr. James Gant donated a 12-inch Cassegrain telescope, a tandem 4-inch reflecting and 6-inch Cassegrain telescope, and a 4-inch special-purpose refracting telescope, as well as a large assortment of telescope assessories, a camera, and celestial charts and books, in 1988.

Mr. Joseph Green donated a single-lens reflex camera, with associated lenses, in 1986.

Mr. Richard Cressman donated issues of astronomical magazines and copies of his eclipse slides, in 1984.

Dr Frank Levinson donated his 12-inch Newtonian telescope, in 1983.

Mr. Preston Smith, Jr., donated his 4-inch Unitron refracting telescope, in 1976.