Telescope Platform,
as it appeared in the mid-1980s.

The geographic coordinates for the telescope platform, in various formats, (using the 1927 map datum) are as follows:
                   40.62987 degrees North
                   40 degrees     37.792 minutes North
                   40 degrees     37 minutes  47.6 seconds North
                    75.38253 degrees  West     
                    75 degrees    22.955 minutes West
                    75 degrees    22 minutes  57.1 seconds West           
                     420 feet    (128 meters)

The photographs below were taken in the mid-1980s and show the telescope platform and the astronomy equipment that supported the astronomy course at that time. Although the platform remains relatively unchanged, additional equipment is now present on the platform, including an 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (SCT), a 10-inch SCT, and an 11-inch SCT and a 4-inch refractor.

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platform_far.jpg (80246 bytes)
The platform is one level above the main roof area of Collier Hall of Science.
The equipment was stored inside the door which exits onto the lower roof.

telescope_cabinet.jpg (74015 bytes)
The photograph above shows the equipment cabinet inside the exit door to the lower roof.

platform view north

The photograph above was taken during the spring and shows the view from the platform looking north.
platform_south.jpg (326087 bytes)
The photograph above was taken during the winter and shows the view from the platform looking south.