Undergraduate Conference in German Studies

Conference Program - April 16, 2016

Note: All Sessions are held in Pardee Hall - Rooms noted under the session times
Any sessions labeled "Parallel Session" occur at the same time

8:00-8:30 AM

4th Floor, Pardee Hall

Registration and Breakfast on the 4th Floor of Pardee Hall
8:30-8:45 AM

429 Pardee Hall

Prof. Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger (Lafayette College)

Session 1

8:45-9:30 AM

429 Pardee Hall

Germans in America
Moderator: Prof. Maureen Gallagher (Lafayette College)

Scott Reagan ‐ Lebanon Valley College - Trauerlieder: Beispiele der deutschen Tradition in Pennsylvania

Mariah Ligas ‐ McDaniel College - Tactics of War: The Internment of Germans and German-Americans in the United States during World War II

Parallel Session

Session 2

9:30-10:35 AM

429 Pardee Hall

Weimar Republic
Moderator: Prof. Julie Shoults (Kutztown University)

Laya ByrnZhan ‐ Davidson College: Graphic Representation of Weimar Tensions

William Christman ‐ Moravian College: Practices of Masculinity in Germany, 1918-1945

Deborah Krieger ‐ Swarthmore College: “Das ist meine Natur“: Abweichende Weiblichkeit und Sexualität in ausgewählten Filmen der Neuen Sachlichkeit

Parallel Session

Session 3

9:35-10:35 AM

421 Pardee Hall

Tradition and Translation
Moderator: Prof. Nicole Grewling (Washington College)

Monick Perone ‐ Moravian College: Nietzsche's Slave Morality in Bertolt Brecht's Leben des Galilei

Léonie Kirchgeorg ‐ Davidson College: “Schellenursli” als Träger der Engadiner Kultur – Erörterung der Verbindung zwischen Chalandamarz und der Kinderliteratur

Kayla Kyle ‐ Washington College: How Translation Affects Relationships Within Literature

10:35-10:50 AM

Max Kade Center Lobby

Coffee Break

Session 4

10:50-11:35 AM

429 Pardee Hall

Literature and Adaptations
Moderator: Prof. Kathrin Seidl (Brandeis University)

Shannon Strohl ‐ Moravian College: Mental Health as Depicted in Literature and Film in Germany

Leonie Koch ‐ Brandeis University: Die verlorene Privatsphäre der Katharina Blum

11:40-12:30 AM

429 Pardee Hall

Keynote Lecture
Introduction: Prof. Heikki Lempa (Moravian College)

Dr. Julia Sneeringer (Associate Professor of History, CUNY Queens College and Graduate Center)

"Meeting The Beatles: What Beatlemania Can Tell Us About West Germany in the 1960s"

12:30-1:30 PM

Max Kade Center Lobby


Parallel Session

Session 5

1:35-2:35 PM

421 Pardee Hall

Presentations of History
Moderator: Prof. Vera Stegmann (Lehigh University)

Shana Brouder ‐ Washington College: Schwarz-Rot-Gold: Der neue deutsche Patriotismus im 21. Jahrhundert

Mariya Krutkova - Haverford College: Understanding Germany’s Wavering Position on Immigration

Talia Dunyak ‐ Lehigh University: Die Untersuchung der Museen von dem Holocaust in Deutschland und Osteuropa (Examining the “Museum-ification” of the Holocaust throughout Modern Germany and Eastern Europe)

Mason Thomson – Lafayette College: A Difficult Victimhood: Narratives of the German Expellee Community and German Governments since the End of World War II

Parallel Session

Session 6

1:35-2:35 PM

429 Pardee Hall

Interpretations of Film
Moderator: Prof. Martina Kolb (Susquehanna University)

Patrick Phillips-LaNeve – Boise State University: Die Erforschung der Neugier durch Kontrast: Die Dualität der Heldinnen in Filmen aus der DDR

Rachel Baer ‐ Susquehanna University: Passive Resistance and Philosophical Reportage: Sophie Scholl and Hannah Arendt

Angela Blatz ‐ Bryn Mawr College: Maria Speth’s Madonnen: The Portrayal of Motherhood in Modern-Day German Film Through Character Development and Filming Techniques

Poster Session

2:40-3:15 PM

Resource Center
418 and 419 Pardee Hall

Poster Session

Adrienne Brown ‐ Dickinson College: A Visual Exploration of Institution: The Dickinson Red Chair Reflections

Christopher Nelsen, Thanh Vu ‐ Lafayette College: Digital Preservation of German American Heritage Sites in Pennsylvania using Terrestrial Lidar and an Interactive Web-based Interface

Lafayette College students with ePortfolio demonstrations

3:15-3:25 PM

Max Kade Center Lobby

Coffee Break

Session 7

3:25-4:25 PM

429 Pardee Hall

In the Third Reich
Moderator: Prof. Ute Bettray (Swarthmore College)

Philip Decker ‐ Swarthmore College: Hazy Morality: Carmina Burana and the Nazi Ethos

Elizabeth Lewis ‐ Moravian College: Nazi Propaganda: The Indoctrination of the German People to Accept the Holocaust

Caroline Zhang ‐ Bryn Mawr College: The War of Noise and Silence in Marcel Beyer's Flughunde

Yayu Gu ‐ Franklin & Marshall College: The Appropriation of Dürer in Nazi Germany

4:25-4:30 PM

429 Pardee Hall

Closing Remarks
Prof. Axel Hildebrandt (Moravian College)


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