Undergraduate Conference in German Studies

Conference Program - April 12, 2014

Note: All Sessions are held in Pardee Hall - Rooms noted under the session times
Any sessions labeled "Parallel Session" occur at the same time

8:00-8:20 AM
4th Floor, Pardee Hall

Registration and Breakfast on the 4th Floor of Pardee Hall
8:20-8:30 AM
429 Pardee Hall


Prof. Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger (Lafayette College) and Prof. Axel Hildebrandt (Moravian College)

Parallel Session

Session 1

8:30-9:30 AM
429 Pardee Hall

Literature around 1800
Moderator: Prof. Thomas Herold (Montclair State University)

Christina Kwon, Montclair State University - "Der gestiefelte Kater: Ironie, Distanz und Sozialkommentar im Theater"

Catherine Garrison, Montclair State University - "'Sehen oder nicht sehen: die Rolle von Augen, Sehkraft und Optik in Hoffmanns Der Sandmann"

Junhao Chen, NYU - "Re-Appropriating Bodies: Animalized, Disciplined, Tested, Worked On..."

Parallel Session

Session 2

8:30-9:30 AM
421 Pardee Hall

Economics and Politics before and after 1989
Moderator: Prof. Heikki Lempa (Moravian College)

Marta Checko, Mount Holyoke College - "A Solidarity of Opposition: New Insights into Contacts and Connections between the Civil Rights Movements of the GDR and Poland"

Erin Petersen, University of Portland - "Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung in Deutschland: Die Balance zwischen Tradition und Regulierung"

Parallel Session

Session 3

9:40-10:55 AM
421 Pardee Hall

Identity and Otherness in 19th and 20th Century Germany
Moderator: Prof. Joerg Meindl (Lebanon Valley College)

Alec Down, Brigham Young University – “Ida Pfeiffer in China: Examining the Suppression of Gender Roles in the Face of European Colonial Superiority”

David Wemer, Gettysburg College – “’A Series of Manifold Miseries’: Eighteenth Century Poland and Germany through the Eyes of Salomon Maimon”

William Christman, Moravian College – “How Modern were the German Guilds in the Long Nineteenth Century?”

Brittany Bartok, Albright College - "Teaching the Teachers? Attempts at Educational Reform in the US Occupation Zone, 1945-1948"

Parallel Session

Session 4

9:40-10:55 AM
429 Pardee Hall

Language and the Self in Modern Thinking
Moderator: Prof. Jennifer Redmann (Franklin & Marshall College)

James Kopf, NYU – “A Nietzschean Reevaluation of Necromancy”

Sarah Hayes, Gettysburg College – “Speaking Her Mind: Controversy and Jewishness in the Writings of Hannah Arendt”

Ariel Swyer, Swarthmore College – “How to Hear Something New: An examination of Ingeborg Bachmann’s Notion of the Reader”

Madeline Saxton, Franklin & Marshall College – “Analyzing the Self and the External World through The Lord Chandos Letter

11:00-11:40 AM

429 Pardee Hall

Keynote Lecture:
Dr. Katherine Arens (Professor of German, University of Texas at Austin)

“Habsburgiana: Sex, Lies, and Nostalgia in Austria’s Europe”

11:45-12:45 PM

Max Kade Lounge, 4th Floor, Pardee Hall


Parallel Session

Session 5

12:45-2:00 PM
421 Pardee Hall

Early 20th Century Literature and Film
Moderator: Prof. Lynn Kutch (Kutztown University)

Genevieve Hugenbruch, Lebanon Valley College – “The Prevented Narrative of the First World War: German Remembrance and Identity Formation”

Ted Shank, Franklin & Marshall College – “Rilke’s Malte: ‘The Poet as Seer’”

Hannah Leidich, Kutztown University – “Der Blaue Engel: The Bird Motif and the Regression of Professor Rath”

Stephen Setman, Gettysburg College – “Kafka’s The Castle: An Internal Critique of Nationalistic Ideology”


Parallel Session

Session 6

12:45-2:00 PM
429 Pardee Hall

Art in the Weimar Republic
Moderator: Prof. Kerry Wallach (Gettysburg College)

Lindsay Zackeroff, NYU – “The Symbolic Parents of an Apocalyptic Rebellion: Early Photography, Composites, and Social Reality”

Thomas Baldwin, NYU – “Hannah Höch’s Die Journalisten

Emilee Finkelstein, Bryn Mawr College – “Representations of Gender in Berlin Dada: The Photomontage of Hannah Höch”

Elizabeth Topolosky, Gettysburg College – “The Gay Golem: The Feminization of the Jew in Der Golem (1920)”

Session 7

2:10-3:10 PM
418 Pardee Hall

Poster Session

Sam Freiheiter, Lafayette College - "Should the Allies have bombed Auschwitz?"

Ashley Goreshnik, Lafayette College - “'Kinder, Küche, Kirche': The Nazi Policy toward Women of the Third Reich"

Helen Hutchens, Lafayette College - "'Nichts ist wichtiger' Than Finding the Right Words: Translations of Judith Pfeifer"

Mary Lawrence, Nazareth College of Rochester - "Grimm’s Märchen in 20th Century Germany"

Megan Lester, University of Portland - "Heil Humor: German in American Comedy"

Katherine Olson, Ohio State University - "Alienation in In the Penal Colony: Kafka’s embodiment of the Apparatus"

Sara Robinson, University of Michigan - "Analyzing Factors that Contribute to Lung Cancer in Germany Today"

Ilana Weiss, Clark University - "Lost and Found: A psychoanalytic perspective on the TV series Lost and its relationship to psychological development"

Jeff Wheeler, Lafayette College - "Tartaglia, the Stutterer: Challenges in Translating Metaphorical Narratives"

Session 8

3:15-4:15 PM
429 Pardee Hall

Politics of Exclusion and Inclusion in Berlin
Moderator: Prof. Angelika von Wahl (Lafayette College)

Cody Florindi, Moravian College – “Die Grenzen des Multikulturalismus in Berlin”

Mariya Krutkova, Haverford College – “German Ethnic Nationalism: A Driving Force Behind ‘Failed Multiculturalism’”

Ian Gavigan, Haverford College – “Vor den Augen des Publikums: The 1896 Colonial Exhibition and the Making of Cosmopolitan Berliners”


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