Undergraduate Conference in German Studies

Conference Program - April 18, 2015

Note: All Sessions are held in Room 102 of the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex (PPHAC)

8:00-8:20 AM

Registration and Breakfast in the PPHAC Lounge

8:20-8:30 AM


Prof. Axel Hildebrandt (Moravian College) and Prof. Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger (Lafayette College)

Session 1

8:30-9:45 AM

German and Austrian History
Moderator: Prof. Heikki Lempa (Moravian College)

Cameron Black, Stetson University - "Class and Cleavage: The Political Apathy of the German Bourgeoisie from 1890-1914"

Kyle Davies, Moravian College - "The Ineffective Rescue of European Jews, 1933-1945"

John Stone, Lafayette College - "From Empire to Annexation: A Study of Austria and the Anschluss"

Tabea Wanninger, Stetson University - "The 'German Question' Revisited: Continuity and Change in West Germany's Foreign Policy from the Hallstein Doctrine to Ostpolitik"

Session 2

9:50-10:50 AM

20th Century Literature
Moderator: Prof. Tessa Wegener (Swarthmore College)

Jacqueline Di Bartolomeo, Concordia University - "I Want to Break Free: The Constraints of Gender Expectations in Gina Kaus’ Gefängnis ohne Gitter"

Mary Lawrence, Nazareth College - "Der Weg und der Westen: Two Generations Looking for Home"

Shuyue Ni, Franklin & Marshall College - "Parallel Transformations: An Analysis of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis"

11:00-11:40 AM

Keynote Lecture:
Dr. David Imhoof (Associate Professor of History, Susquehanna University)

“War and Records: Sound Studies of the Third Reich”

11:40-12:40 PM


Session 3

12:40-1:40 PM

18th-20th Century Music and Literature
Moderator: Prof. Julie Shoults (University of Connecticut)

Liesl Anne Jandrey, Franklin & Marshall College – “Death and the Gender Gap: Suicidal Contemplation in Arthur Schnitzler’s Leutnant Gustl and Fräulein Else

Thomas Schultz, Cornell University – “Uncanny Automata on the Opera Stage: Tracking Society’s Reception of Mechanical Humans in the Late 18th Century”

Frédéric Leone, Concordia University – “Stand Still and Look Pretty: A Comparative Analysis of Feminine Passivity in Cinderella

Session 4

1:45-3:00 PM

Media and Politics
Moderator: Prof. Angelika von Wahl (Lafayette College)

Jack Matlack, Syracuse University - "Schrödinger's Nukes: The Opacity of American Nuclear Weapons in Germany"

Daniela Filip, Lafayette College - "The Ukrainian Crisis as Described in the Newspapers"

Eva Taeubel, Swarthmore College - "Der Einfluss des Spiegels auf Diskurse des Fremdenhasses in Deutschland"

Colleen Way, Lafayette College - "Renewable Energy in Germany and the United States: Factors Influencing Solar and Wind Power Development"

Session 5

3:05-4:05 PM

Art and Society
Moderator: Prof. Vera Stegmann (Lehigh University)

Catalina Escalona, NYU – “Figuring Post-War Trauma: The Return to Representation in German Neo-Expressionism”

Alexandria Kennedy, Lehigh University – “Eine beschmutzte Fundgrube: Der Gurlitt Fall und seine Bedeutung für die umstrittene Kunstrestitution in Deutschland (A Tainted Trove: The Gurlitt Case and What it Means for Disputed Art Restitution in Germany)”

Steven Hansen, Lehigh University – “Zwei Deutschlands - wie viele Stimmen?”


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