jAmaSeis poster presentation

by Ben Coleman and Joe Gerencher

IRIS Annual Workshop, 2008


Teaching Seismology: Poster 118
(described on page 124 of workshop manual)

A Software System for Real-Time Sharing of Seismic Data in Educational Environments

Ben Coleman (Moravian College), Joseph Gerencher (Moravian College)


The purpose of this project is to facilitate real-time sharing of seismic data between educational institutions at all levels. Most existing software requires changes to the underlying network configuration, and therefore the cooperation of the institution's computer administrators. Our system works within the bounds of typical computing policies to allow data to be shared in real-time over the Internet. This is particularly well-suited for educational applications.

At the data collection point, the software allows owners of AS-1 seismometers to share data with others without affecting their local usage. The software reads data off the device and then sends it out across the Internet. At the same time, this data is made available for other programs by placing it on a separate communications port (COM). Thus, data collectors willing to share their data can continue to use their preferred software.

Users interested in viewing streams of data from remote sites use a second piece of small software that performs similar operations. Once the data source is specified, the software reads data off the Internet and then makes it available on a COM port. As with the data collector, the user can view the data with any seismic software, and the program will believe the data is coming from a local device. Thus, the software can be utilized in conjunction with a standard program such as AmaSeis by individuals who do not own a seismometer.




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