Retirement Activities

This "Retirement Activities" secton of my Moravian College website is limited to only my activities subsequent to my retirement; to see the whole website, which also includes this section, go to the following URL:

I retired from the Moravian College Physics and Earth Science Department in 2009. That summer we purchased a home in Gold Canyon, AZ, but we kept our home in Bethlehem, PA, for another three years and travelled back and forth with the changing seasons, spending winters in AZ and summers in PA. We sold the Betlehem home in 2012 and since then have resided only in AZ year-round, ending the three year period when we were "snowbirds."

With one exception*, this section of my website concerns only, or at least primarily, my science related travels, activities, and projects since my retirement in 2009. In this interval, I have become a member of the Arizona Geological Society and have also become a member of two local astronomical groups, the Superstition Mountain Astronomical League and the East Valley Astronomy Club. For a few years, and primarily because of my geological background, I was active in SALT, the Superstition Area Land Trust. Each of the topics below links to a page of illustrated explanations. Give each of them a try!

The exception (*) referenced in the previous paragraph concerns my involvement with the production and promotion of my wife's book, Santa's Sugar, which she published in 2012 and which subsequently has won ten awards. She has since turned the story into a play and has made the story and its illustrations available as a free slide-show in a PDF download. I created the supporting website,, and did some of the behind-the-scenes technical work, but the literary accomplishments are all hers. The book and the play manuscript are both available from Kindle Direct Publishing at

The previous sections of my Moravian College website are historic in the sense that they represent the faculty, facilities, and programs as they were in the last year of my employment at the College in 2009. For those pages, I don't make any editorial changes except for the occasional correction of an overlooked error or a misspelling. However, the Retirement section of the website is more current and fluid, so check back to this section often.

Joe Gerencher

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Astronomy ---------------------------------------

10-inch Dobsonian Telescope

6-inch Rich Field Telescope


Solar System Models

Night photographs

Radio Telescope

Pinhole Camera, Technique 1

Pinhole Camera, Technique 2

Solar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Twinkle of Star, Technique 1

Twinkle of Star, Technique 2

CD and DVD Solar Spectrograph

Diffraction Grating Versus Prism

Solar Spectra

Star Colors

Stellar Spectra - Telescope

Spectral Classification of Stars

Stellar Spectra -Telephoto Lens

Light Sources

Blue Sky Spectra

Mount Graham Binocular Telescope

Star Parties I

Solar Reflector

Unusual Sunset Cameras


Geology ----------------------------------------

Gold Canyon Views

Gold Canyon Location and Geology

Superstition Mountain

Superstition Lava and Pyroclastic Flows

Dinosaur Mountain

Silly Mountain

Picketpost Mountain

Red Mountain

Ridge Near Home

Weaver's Needle

Four Peaks

Gold Ore

Peralta County Park Geology

Copper Mine Field Trip

Copper Mine: SALT

Earth Fissures: Field Observations

Earth Fissures: Overview

Flood Retention Structures in Phoenix East Valley

Granitic Pegmatite Kitchen Countertop

Sabino Canyon, Tucson

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Pompeii, Italy

Herculaneum, Italy

Paestum, Italy

MS Thesis Field Work, summer 1966

Meteorology ------------------------------------




Fog, Hail, Snow and Sleet


Atmospheric Scattering

Microburst Thunderstorm

Crepuscular and Anticrepuscular Rays

Antitwilight Arch

Polar Front Model

Educational Activities -------------------------

Star Parties, II

Science Photo Display

Little Free Library

Other -----------------------------------------

ICBM Silo Near Tucson

Local Native American Sites

Revolving Mirror Project

CD Solar Spectrograph Project

Focused Mirrored Diffraction Grating Project