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Current Weather Page

Until my retirement in spring of 2009, I maintained the weather instruments and all parts of the system which produced reliable current weather data that was displayed via the three main links below. However, I have not been involved with maintenance of the system since then, so I can no longer ensure that the current weather data displayed on this site is either timely or accurate. - - - - - Joe Gerencher


The current weather information, as measured on the roof of Collier Hall of Science on the North Campus of Moravian College, in Bethlehem, PA, is presented in three formats. Click on links below to go to the web sites.

Davis Instruments - an easy display of current conditions, as well as daily highs and lows.

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Weather Underground - Daily conditions in both graphical displays and tabulated data.

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Citizens Weather Observer Program - weekly displays, as well as current weather radar for local area.

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The weather instruments are located on the upper roof of Collier Hall of Science.

For a map showing the location of Moravian College, click here.