Primary and Secondary Rainbows over Honolulu, Hawaii
Double rainbow over Hawaii
Photo by Joseph Gerencher

I retired from the Moravian College faculty in 2009, so the pages below describe the meteorology course and the facilities for meteorology only prior to the summer of 2009. Please see the Physics and Earth Science Departmental web site for the current descriptions.

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The meteorology course description was as follows:

Earth Science 120:  Meteorology.  The study of the physical processes and properties of the atmosphere, elements of weather analysis and forecasting, and effects of the atmosphere on people and their activities; laboratory includes weather instruments and observations, weather map construction and analysis, experiments, scale models, and computer applications.

The syllabus for the Fall, 2008, semester is available as a Word document. All my syllabi in all the courses that I taught during my entire career were printed on both sides of only a single sheet of paper.

The current weather, measured continuously on the roof of Collier Hall of Science on the Moravian College campus, has been available over the Internet.

The videos, films, and animations that had been shown in the course have links on this page and can be viewed only from networked computers on campus.

Moravian had been a participant in the UNIDATA program and was a licensed site for the McIDAS computer program.

The following computer programs were available to all students on all public pc computers on campus:
    Storm Systems
    Understanding Weather and Climate, 4th edition,  (CD-ROM needed)

Meteorology equipment for the laboratory:
    jet stream apparatus
    tornado model apparatus
    theodolite for tracking pilot balloons

This page contains links to view:
    Gerencher's own meteorological images
    link to the web site of the textWeather and Climate, 4th ed, by Aguado and Burt, 2007.
    external sites associated with Meteorology and/or Climatology
        current weather
        interactive meteorological education web activities
        meteorological educational sites
        climatological sites
        integrated meteorology exercises
        live weather webcam sites
        web sites associated with texts in Meteorology

Meteomusic was a Word document that contained the titles of music that had an meteorological theme. The meteomusic list was compiled the old-fashioned way -- by individuals looking over their collections of records, tapes, CD's, and digital archives.

A collection of meteorological videos was maintained by the Moravian College library.