I retired from Moravian College in 2009 after serving 40 years as a member of the Department of Physics and Earth Science (from the fall of 1969 through the spring of 2009). Within the department I regularly taught courses in Introductory Geology, Astronomy, and Meteorology. I was advisor to the programs in geology and general science education and taught a course in Science Methods in Elementary Education. For about 30 years I coordinated the science education programs and was the science faculty member who observed all the secondary education science student teachers (Biology, Chemistry, General Science and Physics) in the local schools. I enjoyed making equipment to support my courses, including home-made seismographs, and worked with colleagues and students to develop software to monitor and share the real-time seismic signals for classroom applications. My primary personal interests are photography and travel. After retirement, my wife and I moved to Arizona and we have become involved with the production and promotion of my wife's book, Santa's Sugar, which is a Christmas story for children.

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