jAmaseis poster presentation

by Janicek and Gerencher

IRIS Annual Workshop, 2008 .


Teaching Seismology: Poster 117
(described on page 126 of the workshop manual)

jAmaseis: A Cross-Platform Version of AmaSeis

Martin Janicek (Moravian College), Joseph Gerencher (Moravian College)


Based on Amaseis, the well-known and widely-used program written by Alan Jones, jAmaseis is a client to acquire and display seismic data. This new application is written in Java, which allows the program to be used on Windows, Apple, or UNIX systems. The underlying design provides modularity so additional functionality can be easily added. jAmaseis works with an AS-1 seismometer , but support for other devices is possible. Currently, jAmaseis works with an AS-1 seismometer to show the incoming signal on the helicorder screen and to save/load historical data. Additional functionality being developed includes all other features of the current Amaseis program. Future developments will incorporate support for additional devices and features that will expand its pedagogical capabilities. For example, we are considering support for multiple streams of data and the possibility of software-computed triangulation.