1970 Total Solar Eclipse

1970 Total Solar Eclipse
(all photographs by J.Gerencher)

eclipse_70_1.jpg (240531 bytes)
Circular holes in card produce bright crescents on white sheet,
indicating the date:  March 7, 1970.

eclipse_70_2.jpg (127662 bytes)
Shadows on white sheet of paper under a tree during eclipse.

eclipse_70_3.jpg (180775 bytes)
Close up of shadows on paper reveal crescents of eclipse.

eclipse_70_4.jpg (163271 bytes)
Projected image from telescope eyepiece.

eclipse_70_5.jpg (111636 bytes)
Projected image from telescope eyepiece.

eclipse_70_6.jpg (12446 bytes)
Just prior to totality.

eclipse_70_7.jpg (11924 bytes)
Totality  --  short exposure.

eclipse_70_8.jpg (17907 bytes)
Totality  --  longer exposure.

eclipse_70_9.jpg (9179 bytes)
Just after totality.

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