Donations to the Moravian College Geology Program,
1964 through 2009

The following persons have supported the Geology program at Moravian College by making donations of educational materials:

2009: Dr. Joseph Gerencher donated all of the following:
Block models (21) of faults, folds, and other geological structures.
Topographic map model of island for teaching topographic contour lines.
Photographic slides (35 mm) of geological, astronomical, and meteorological subjects (approximately 5000).
Leitz DIALUX-POL DF petrographic microscope, with many accessories.
Homemade seismometers, amplifiers, and accessories.
Various minerals, rocks, and fossils.

1998: Mrs. Betty Swift donated a collection of minerals that had been assembled by her late husband, Al Swift.

1995 (approx.): Mr James Lehman loaned, on an indefinite basis, a pair of home-made short period seismometers.

1994: Dr Chris Schuman donated books and remotely-sensed images.

1993: Dr. Jeffrey Plaut donated stereographic images of Venus.

1993: Dr. Richard Hagemeyer donated a video tape of a Japanese tsunami broadcast.

1992: Drs. Arthur Rohl and Calhoun Howard donated a collection of mineral grain mounts.

1991: Dr. Placido Fortino gave a Leitz DIALUX-POL DF petrographic microscope with many accessories, to me, that I used in support of the geology program.

1990s and 1980s: Mr. Adrien Malick, on several occasions donated fossils from his extensive collection.

1990 (approx.): Dr. Shelton Alexander loaned, on an indefinite basis, a short-period seismometer, from Penn State University.

1988: Dr. Ken Kodama loaned, on an indefinite basis, a vertical long-period seismometer from Lehigh University.

1985 and 1986: Dr. Richmond Myers donated maps, slides, mineral and rock specimens, geological publications, books, and rock hammers.

1981: Mrs. John Bertrand donated micromounts and a Geiger counter from the collection of her late husband.

1978: Mrs. Annabelle Gault donated a petrographic microscope.

1972: Mr. Walter Kessler donated mineral specimens.

1972: Dr. George Biemesderfer donated many issues of the Bulletin of the Geological Society of America.

1964: Mr. Henry Ricksecker donated an extensive collection of minerals, as well as the mineral cases to house the collection.