Teledyne Geotech BB-13 Seismometers

Four Teledyne Geotech BB-13 seismometers were acquired during 2002 and 2003, two from e-Bay and the other two from a vender at a high-tech flea market.  Two of the units were set for horizontal operation and two for vertical operation.  I set one vertical unit for operation as the master and configured the remainder for operation as slaves.  I installed the master and the two horizontal slave units in the basement and constructed a Plexiglas case for the remaining slave vertical unit and put it on a table near the back of my classroom/laboratory.

BB-13_all_in_lab.jpg (170151 bytes)
Here the four BB-13's are removed from the cases.

BB-13_horizontal.jpg (147544 bytes)
I constructed adjustable mounts for the two horizontal units.

BB-13_one_horizontal.jpg (130705 bytes)
This is a detail of the horizontal mount construction.

BB-13_all_in_basement.jpg (136586 bytes)
The BB-13 seismometers are in operation on the concrete floor of the basement.
The white column on the right is a support pier for the building.

BB-13_verticle_in_lab1.jpg (173266 bytes)
One vertical BB-13 is located on a table near the rear of the classroom/lab.

BB-13_verticle_in_lab2.jpg (271269 bytes)

The unit in the lab operates within a Plexiglas box which I constructed for it.  This allows students to see its construction and operation and compare it to the home-made vertical unit next to it. All BB-13's are currently being run on the SIMA2 system, but as of fall, 2005, they seem to be responsive to touch, although this system has not yet produced the expected performance with natural earthquakes. Work will continue with them as time permits. Their electrical circuits are a challenging.