Apparatus Construction

I have enjoyed constructing equipment to support various aspects of the academic program.  Among the projects I have worked on are the following:

Six complete seismometers and  seven seismometer amplifiers.

Six-inch f/4.0 Newtonian RFT telescope made to accommodate a CO2 cooled camera.

Aluminum telescope enclosure for 8-inch Meade SCT telescope

Two CO2 cooled cameras for the f/4.0 telescope above.

Foucault mirror tester of the slitless design.

Sand table for holography.

Plexiglas Newtonian demonstration telescope.

Jet Stream Apparatus

Tornado Apparatus.

Atmospheric optics devices to support demonstrations of

"Seismic" pendulum

Topographic Map Model.

Wall map mosaic of Appalachian Mountain Range.

Design of map shelving units for map collection.