Multiple_Reflections.jpg (167751 bytes)
Inside large kaleidoscope, 
Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.

self_photo.jpg (255838 bytes)
Self-photograph in mirrored cylindrical column,
Airport Terminal, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

self_photo_3.jpg (123803 bytes)
Mirror reflection.

self_photo_Exploratorium.jpg (149763 bytes)
Computer image of edge effects,
Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.

Self up-side-down in spoon

self_photo_4.jpg (129643 bytes)
Mirror reflection

My photographs are found throughout the web site, but  my 
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section has photos of interesting cultural features, and my 
section has interesting photos of various sky phenomena, and my 
section has photos of many of the Earth's surface features, but that area is still under development.

I have photographs that are unrelated to my employment at my Flickr site.

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