CCD Image Through a Telescope

Color CCD Image Through an 8-Inch Telescope
image by Nichole Drey

This image was made by an SBIG ST-7 CCD camera that was used on the Meade LX-200 8-inch telescope in the Earth Science laboratory to create a B&W image through each of red, blue, and green filters.  The colors of the scene were recomposed by combining the three images on the computer using the CCDSoft program.  The objects photographed include a piece of chalk (white), a pencil (red) with eraser, a penny, cardboard with white print on a black background, and a portion of a star chart which has a blue background with black print, all of which are on a brown wooden shelf.  The camera and the objects imaged are separated by the length of the room, which is approximately 30 feet.