Explanation of the included photographs.

    The photographs included in this portion of the web site were taken by me or by some of the Moravian College students who were enrolled in one of my photography-related courses, either within a regular course, a Jan-term course, or as part of an independent study or honors project.  Most of the photography was processed within the darkroom of Collier Hall of Science.  This darkroom is equipped for work with both color and black-and-white films and prints.  Color work was performed using both color negatives and color transparencies, and by creating color prints from both color formats. 

    Students who have their photographic work displayed in this site created duplicate copies of their work which they left behind with me for subsequent public display.  Some of the work previously may have been displayed on bulletin boards and in photographic shows within the student union building.  Thus, although many of the students have since graduated, their work is included within this web site, with the appropriate credit given to the student photographer in all cases where it is known.

    The photographs represent efforts to obtain images of objects which are interesting scientifically and which challenge the photographer and/or the photographic technology available.  The subjects of the pictures may be unusually bright or faint, fast or slow, near or far.  Unfortunately, the results of our efforts in holography cannot be reproduced well on the web, and so are not included within this group of images.

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