Darkroom in Collier Hall of Science

Black-and-White and Color Darkrooms
photos by J. Gerencher

The view above shows the portion of the darkroom that is used for processing black-and-white films and prints.  The black-and-white enlarger on the right side of the picture and the sink for the chemical trays is on the left side.  Safe-lights hang from the ceiling on both sides of the room. 

The photograph below is taken from the far end of the darkroom in the above picture, so now the black-and-white enlarger is on the right and the edge of the sink is evident on the left.  The color darkroom is a separate, smaller room through the open doorway on the picture below.  Because color work necessitates working in total darkness, the color darkroom is separate from the black-and-white darkroom so that both types of processing can proceed simultaneously.  The color enlarger cannot be seen in this view, although the edge of the sink for the chemical color solutions is evident on the right through the doorway.


The darkroom of Collier Hall of Science is available for use by students and faculty who are working on photographic projects in the sciences.